Wednesday, August 29, 2012


One of the best things about being a photographer in a fairly small town is that you get to develop real personal relationships with your clients. And to be a part of their family as their lives go on. This is a story about one local family I've had the pleasure to know and photograph.
I first met this family 5 years ago, when I did the Senior Portraits for the family's oldest son, Joe. His mother came along for the photo shoot, and the photos turned out great. At the time, Joe's sister Kristen was engaged to be married (to Dwayne), and since their mother loved Joe's senior portraits, she hired me to do Kristen's wedding photos (above).
It was a beautiful wedding on the beach in Coronado, CA -- and we got some great pictures of the happy couple.

Not long after, Kristen was pregnant...and wanted some photos showing the pregnancy and how happy they were about their impending arrival. We did a fun studio session and again got some great images, one of which is below:

In between Kristen and Dwayne's children, we did family photos of the entire family. Adriana (Joe and Kristen's mother) not only kept using me for her family's photographs, but regularly recommended me to others, helping to build my business. Not just a good client, but a good friend and reference!

Last week, we did new family portraits for Kristen and Dwayne -- now a growing family, with two great kids and a third child on the way and due any day now! We had a great location up in the hills, at sunset, and had some real fun making photos of another moment in this terrific family's journey through life.

We even got Kristen into the pool in the orange, fading light to show off the impending arrival -- and since she had been to the doctor the day before and been told that labor could start "any day," there was a bit of a sense of urgency to get these done before that happened! Fortunately the weather cooperated.

It's been a real pleasure to be a part of this family, and to be able to provide them with photos that they'll treasure for the rest of their lives. It's very satisfying to find clients that love my work, and that keep coming back again and again because of both the photos they get, and the relationship we have. For me, photography isn't just the impersonal task of getting clients in and out and getting paid, it's the joy of making friends and relationships through my photographs. Having clients and friends like this is why I love what I do!


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