Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Did I really take 2 years off?

Yes, I did.  From the blog, anyway.  But not from working -- which is why there are two years since the last post, I've been busy "making it as a pro."  Things have been super busy (which is good), and every time I'd remind myself that I have a blog post idea, ten other things would come up (which is bad).
So, here it is two years since my last post...I've worked a lot of jobs since then, learned a lot, and have a lot more to add.  And part of my new year includes making time to post here regularly.
I hope to have information of value to put up, based on the past two years of hard work.  And to pick up some more followers.  For those that have been checking back here now and then, thanks for doing so...and more is coming!  I'll have a full new post up later today.
-- end --

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  1. Well I think that is great. A blog is your personal niche not work. Do it when you want to and feel like. It is not an obligation like work.